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Siemens SITRANS DS-III pressure transmitter incorporates diagnostic capabilities, including high- or low-signal limit alarms, peak value registers that store maximum and minimum values for pressure, sensor temperature, and electronics temperature, and a dual-time programmable “watchdog” function that alerts you when pre-set maintenance and calibration times occur.

Key Specifications

Simple configuration via three onboard pushbuttons: Set just seven parameters and go! No long setup list
Reduced Maintenance: No need for constant recalibration and recertification
Stays within factory spec calibration for five years: Five-year stability on upper range limit, with no zero shift
Internal registers for diagnostics protect the piezoelectric cell capsule from high or low temperature exposure and overpressure range
Now certified lead-free and available with NSF-61/371 Certification to comply with the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act (Certification not available on all models except DS-III level transmitters.)

Series Name: Siemens SITRANS DS
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Inquiry about this Siemens SITRANS DS III series items

Inquiry about Siemens SITRANS DS III Items

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