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SIMATIC Controllers  –Siemens PLC
the innovative solution for all automation tasks

It’s not for nothing that SIMATIC Controllers are the global Number 1 for all automation requirements. They offer a host of integral functions and can be finely scaled with regard to performance.

There are failsafe and fault-tolerant versions available for applications with high safety requirements. Siemens PLC Simatic PLC Siemens Controller Simatic controller Controllers with integral motion control functionality and distributed I/O complete our product range.

Programmable logic controllers from Siemens PLC — for tailor-made performance

Are you looking for programmable logic controllers that offer a cost-effective and flexible automation system? Siemens programmable logic controllers are just right for every application. Our SIMATIC programmable logic controllers have consistently proven their worth in mechanical engineering, production and process technology — and have set standards in engineering, communication and diagnostics.

The SIMATIC Modular Controllers have been optimized for control tasks and specially designed for ruggedness and long-term availability. They can be flexibly expanded at any time using plug-in I/O modules, function modules, and communication modules. The modular controllers can also be used as fault-tolerant or fail-safe systems.


The low-cost micro system siemens plc s7-200 series for simple automation tasks, easy to install and configure.

S7-300 CPU 314


The modular siemens PLC s7-300 series for system solutions in the manufacturing industry with a wide range of modules.


The Power siemens PLC s7-400 series for system solutions in the manufacturing and process industries with high-speed processing and enhanced communication performance.



Distributed I/O system for Siemens PLC system with local intelligence for mounting in control cabinets or with IP65/67 directly at the machine.

LOGO! Logic Module Modular controllers SIMATIC S7 Embedded Controller PC-based Controller

The perfect SIMATIC controller for every application

Our extensive SIMATIC controller range of solutions offers the perfect programmable logic controller, whatever your requirements. Whether for control tasks, integrating technology or archiving data —small-scale automation tasks to highly complex system solutions — failsafe or standard controller —  a SIMATIC controller represents a secure investment for the future, and allows you to respond to new challenges quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.

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