SIMATIC IPC427C (Microbox PC): The powerful embedded IPC – maintenance-free with versatile configuration

SIMATIC IPC427C (bottom side), PROFIBUS version

SIMATIC IPC427C (bottom side), PROFINET version

SIMATIC IPC427C (Microbox PC): The powerful embedded IPC – maintenance-free with versatile configuration
  • Ultra-compact
  • Maintenance-free
  • Intel Core2 Duo technology
High data processing speed for high productivity
  • Up to Core2 Duo 2 x 1.2 GHz, fanless
  • DDR3 memory technology up to 4 GB
  • Graphics performance for Vista Aero user interface
Maximum compactness and ruggedness for use directly on the machine
  • Low mounting depth, up to 55 °C ambient temperature
  • Upright mounting as second standard mounting position (50 °C ambient temperature)
  • Solid-state drive (SSD) (160 GB SATA or 80 GB standard, optional), SATA hard disk, or up to 2 CompactFlash cards with 16 GB
High degree of industrial functionality and flexibility for implementing the Embedded solution
  • Flexible memory concepts (e.g. 2 mass storage units are possible)
  • 2 x LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit/s connections; teaming capability
  • Onboard PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface (optional)
  • 4 x high-speed USB 2.0 ports; 2 serial interfaces (2nd interface is optional)
  • Flexible installation with mounting options (rail, wall, front upright mounting)
  • Easy expansion (up to 3 PCI-104 slots), e.g. high-speed, central I/O
  • On/Off switch
High system availability in order to reduce the risk of potential failures and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance-free since no rotating parts (fans, hard disks) and no battery are installed
  • 2 MB buffered SRAM, of which 128 KB can be written within the buffer time
  • Front LED for efficient self-diagnostics; optimized for headless operation through special BIOS properties
  • SIMATIC software system-tested
High investment security in order to reduce engineering costs
  • Long-term availability: Service and support period of 8 to 10 years after market launch
  • Mounting compatibility and interface compatibility with predecessor versions as of 2004

The SIMATIC IPC427C provides mechanical engineers, plant engineers and control cabinet manufacturers with a high-performance, compact PC platform for use at machine or process level, or in the industrial environment for:

  • Measuring and checking, open-loop and closed-loop control of process and machine data
  • Acquisition, further processing and visualization of data
  • All applications at the machine level – created in C/C++ or with WinAC/WinCC flexible/WinCC RT Advanced – which require rugged, ultra-compact IPCs with high computing power
  • Additional new applications such as shipbuilding, building automation, water treatment, RFID

The application spectrum ranges from automation computers fully integrated in TIA with, for example, WinAC, through C/C++-based automation solutions with the tried and tested SICOMP RMOS3 operating system with real-time and multi-tasking capability, all the way to “standalone” applications in general IT use. For software products that require Windows XP Professional, the combination of Windows XP Professional Multi-Language is available preinstalled on the hard disk.

The SIMATIC IPC427C has the CE mark for use in the industrial sector as well as in residential and commercial areas, and small businesses. In addition to industrial applications, it can also be used in building services automation or in facilities open to the public. The device also has the most important marine approvals, provided that configurations with CompactFlash memory are used.

Due to the fan-free design and use of SIMATIC PC CompactFlash memories, there are no rotating parts and the system availability is increased. It is possible to order the CompactFlash memory either accessible externally so that it can be swapped, or integrated so that it is protected against access.

The SIMATIC PCs can be ordered in connection with WinCC flexible, WinCC or WinCC RT (Advanced, Professional) as SIMATIC HMI packages at favorable prices.

  • Integrated and parameterizable monitoring functions (program execution/watchdog, processor and board temperature)
  • Expanded diagnostics/messages via Ethernet, e-mail, SMS and for direct transfer to SIMATIC software via OPC (optionally via SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor)
    • Runtime meter
    • Hard disk status
    • System status (heartbeat)
    • Automatic logging of all alarms by means of a log file
    • Capability for central monitoring of networked SIMATIC IPC

Integral interfaces:

  • Ethernet
    The two integrated Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (10/100/1000 Mbit/s) can be used for IT communication and for data exchange with programmable controllers such as SIMATIC S7 (with the “SOFTNET S7” software package).
    The optional floating PROFIBUS interface (12 Mbit/s) can be used to connect distributed field devices or for coupling to the SIMATIC S7 (with the “SOFTNET for PROFIBUS” software package).
    The PROFINET interface can be used for connecting distributed field devices or for controlling drives.
  • Further interfaces
    For connecting additional I/O devices, up to three free slots are available for PCI-104 modules (with expansion frames), as well as 4 high-speed USB interfaces and two serial interfaces

SIMATIC IPC427C (Microbox PC): The powerful embedded IPC
– maintenance-free with versatile configuration:
• Ultra-compact
• Maintenance-free
• Intel Core2 Duo technology
Basic design
• All-metal enclosure, resistant to vibrations and shocks, also
with high electromagnetic compatibility
• Graphics onboard, on AGP bus: DVI-I: VGA (analog) and
DVI (digital)
– CRT resolution: Up to 1920 x 1200 pixels / true color /
60 to 120 Hz
– DVI-D resolution: Up to 1920 x 1200 pixels / true color
• Optical drives can be connected externally via USB interface,
not included in scope of supply
• Interfaces (accessible from one side):
– 2 x LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet interface (RJ45)
– 4 x high-speed USB V2.0
– 1 x COM1 (RS232)
• Free slots (when using the expansion rack):
– Up to 3 x PCI104-Plus cards
• Isolated power supply: 24 V DC (19.2 to 28.8 V)

Design versions
• Processor:
– Intel Core2 Duo 1.2 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, SLC 3 MB
– Intel Core2 Solo 1.2 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, SLC 3 MB
– Intel Celeron M 1.2 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, SLC 1 MB
• Primary storage capacity of 1 GB to (2/4 GB optional),
• Fieldbus
– PROFINET onboard, 3 x RJ45, CP16116-compatible
– PROFIBUS DP/MPI on board, compatible with CP 5611
• Hardware expansion:
– Second RS232 interface (COM2) in expansion rack
• Drives:
– Solid-State Drive 50 GB High Endurance or 80 GB Standard,
rugged alternative to hard disk
– FlashDrive (replaceable, accessible): 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB or
16 GB
– FlashDrive (internal, not accessible): 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB,
16 GB
– Hard disk serial ATA, 2.5″
• Pre installed operating systems:
– Windows XP Embedded Standard 2009
(successor to Windows XP Embedded)
– Windows XP Professional Multi-Language
– Windows 7 Ultimate MUI
– Windows Embedded Standard 7