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SIMATIC TDC is a multi-processor automation system that is particularly used in large plants for process, energy and drive engineering.SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC SIMATIC TDC
SIMATIC TDC also solves complex drive, control and technology tasks with maximum quantity frameworks and minimum cycle times on a single platform, and is therefore an ideal supplement to SIMATIC S7 in the top performance range.
SIMATIC TDC is the technology and drive automation system integrated into the SIMATIC, with which the configuration and programming is performed using the proven SIMATIC Tools – and thus part of Totally Integrated Automation.
SIMATIC TDC is consistent with standards, making it easy to work with, e.g. in communication and HMI:

  •     PROFIBUS DP and Industrial Ethernet
  •     SIMATIC WinCC and SIMATIC Operator Panels

Area of application

SIMATIC TDC can be used, for example.

    for the closed-loop control of drives (torque, rpm, position, angle / angular difference, speed), in particular if several drives are to be coordinated or complex relationships exist between drives
for regulating several / different physical variables (e.g. tension, pressure)

    for calculating a number of process/plant variables (e.g. temperature)

SIMATIC TDC facilitates short compute cycles (100 µs), has functional reserves and offers outstanding flexibility.

Application examples for SIMATIC TDC include:

  •     Metal production, metal processing and metal machining:Wire-drawing plants, stretcher levelers, bending and straightening machines,presses, circular arc type plants, rolling mills, upsetting devices, shearing and winding machines
  •     High-voltage DC transmission stations for transmitting power over large distances, e.g. also marine cables
  •     Reactive power compensation systems for stabilizing the power transmission, e.g. capacitor units, capacitor banks


  •     Increased productivity and competitiveness thanks to maximum computing power
  •     Reduction in purchasing costs thanks to reduced component diversity and simpler stocking of spare parts
  •     Reduction in engineering costs thanks to the use of commonly used standard tools and the reuse of existing software
  •     Use of worldwide standards

Design and functions

SIMATIC TDC consists of one or more module racks where the required modules are inserted. The multi-processor operation enables the performance to be expanded almost without limit.

  •     Modular system structure with scalable hardware
  •     Sampling intervals as low as 100 µs for dynamic control tasks
  •     Maximum performance thanks to the 64-bit architecture of the central processing unit
  •     Synchronizable multi-processing with up to 20 CPUs per rack
  •     Extremely high communications performance between the CPUs as result of VME bus system
  •     Synchronous coupling of up to 44 racks
  •     Graphical configuration using the STEP 7 engineering tools: continuous function chart (CFC) and sequential function chart SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
  •     Own blocks in “C”

SIMATIC TDC is a modular multi-processor system comprised of one or more racks. The racks are equipped with CPUs, I/O modules and communication modules

Rack UR5213

The electromagnetically shielded 19″ rack UR5213 allows scalable expansion of hardware with large reserves of power.  It is suitable for wall and cubicle mounting and has an integral power supply with active cooling and internal monitoring. The performance can be increased by plugging in up to 20 CPUs or by connecting up to 44 racks together

Central processing unit CPU551

The central processing unit CPU551 is suitable for open and closed-loop control tasks with very high computing requirements. The CPU ensures strictly cyclic processing with adjustable scanning intervals

I/O module SM500

The SM500 I/O module offers numerous options for connecting the digital and analog I/O. In addition, incremental position encoders and absolute encoders can be connected.

Communication modules  CP50M1, CP51M1

The communications modules CP50M0 and CP51M1 provide high-performance communication for commissioning ,process control and HMI.They handle the protocols MPI , PROFIBUS DP,Fast Ethernet with TCP/IP and/or UDP.

Global Data Memory GDM

By means of a Global Data Memory (GDM), a number of racks with CP52x0 can communicate with one another for an almost unlimited expansion of the computing power. Up to 44 racks can be networked by means of fiber optic cables and a shared memory. Apart from the communication between several racks, the GDM also allows synchronization (scanning time, clock time) and alarm functions. The update time is set at < 1 ms.

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