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Triconex Safety Systems

Triconex Safety Systems. As the leading supplier of safety instrumented systems (SIS), we provide solutions to protect people, the surrounding communities and the environment, while keeping production operating safely and continuously, throughout the life of your assets.

The Tricon system is a must for clients who need to maximize the safety and performance of their assets. If you are challenged with reducing investment and lifecycle costs, meeting new safety standards, combating tough competitive pressure in your markets as well as the welfare of your employees and the environment, then the Tricon system is designed for you.

Triconex Tricon
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Tricon CX

The latest Triconex Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 safety system that leverages the best of the proven Tricon and Trident platforms.


The gold standard in SISs. Based on industry-leading TMR technology. Ideal for critical tasks requiring SIL 1, 2, or 3.


Based on proven TMR technology; certified up to SIL 3. Compact; designed to fit smaller applications.


Provides protection up to SIL 2 in a compact, economical TMR architecture. Ideal for smaller safety and critical control applications.

TRICONEX DCS Systems Module Part Number List


TRICONEX DCS Systems Module Part Number List
ParameterPart number ParameterPart number
Main frameAug-00Extend/RXM Frame power supply,230VAC8307A
Extend the frame8101Extend/RXM Frame power supply,115VAC/DC8305A
Remote extension frame8102Extend/RXM Frame power supply,24VDC8306A
I/OBus extension cable (3 sets)9000Safety management module(SMM)4400
I/OCommunication bus extension cable (3 sets)9001High speed channel interface module(HIM)4508
I/OEmpty slot board8105Extend/RXM Frame power supply,24VDC8306A
Empty terminal trough plate8106Network communication module(NCM)4328
The power supply main frame,230VAC8302ASafety management module(SMM)4400
The power supply main frame,115VAC/DC8300AHigh speed channel interface module(HIM)4508
The power supply main frame,24VDC8301ACommunication network module/ISA busJan-18
Control system for power supply 120VAC/VDC8310Enhanced intelligent communication module(EICM)The isolation4108
Control system for power supply 24VDC8311Enhanced intelligent communication module(EICM)Isolation4118
Control system for power supply 230VAC8312Enhanced intelligent communication card EICM4119
CPU3006Network communication card NCM4329
CPU3007SMM and Honeywell (UCN) communications4409
CPU3008With Foxboro ACM (DCS) communications4609
Enhanced TRICONZ The main processor II,SOE,1MSRAM3004Enhanced intelligent communication module(EICM)The isolation4108
Enhanced TRICONZ The main processor II,SOE,2MSRAM3005Enhanced intelligent communication module(EICM)isolation4118
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