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VD4 Vacuum Circuit-breaker

VD4 Vacuum Circuit breaker With Embeded Poles

36..40.5 KV , 1250..2500A , 25..31.5KA


We can offer ABB vacuum circuit breakers with rated voltage of 12kV, 17.5kV, and 24kV ONLY.

General Introduction
The vacuum circuit breaker is applicable for three-phase AC power system of rated voltage up to 7.2kV~24kV and frequency 50/60HZ. It is used in many fields such as power plants, transformer substations, petrol chemical industry, metallurgy, manufacturing industry, airports, residential areas, etc., to control and protect electric equipment. It is used for the occasion that needs infrequent operation at rated current or multi-breaking short circuit current. It can be mounted in the indoor air insulating switchgear like type KYN28 or KYN96, ABB type ZS series, etc. This circuit breaker is standard as GB1984-2003 AC high voltage circuit breaker, JB3855 3.6-40.5Kv indoor AC High voltage circuit breaker, DL/T403 Specification of 12-40.5Kv indoor High voltage vacuum circuit breaker for order, as well as IEC60694.
The vacuum circuit breaker is made with mature APG technology. The application of the VD4 terminal buffer guarantees the indoor terminal is even more reliable in any operating environment. The VD4 can fully meet the requirement of GB, DL, IEC, DIN, VDE, as well as standards of other advanced industrial countries.

Service Environment
a) Air temperature: Maximum temperature: +40℃; Minimum temperature:-25
b) Humidity: Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90%
c) Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude: 2500m
d) Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc.
e) No frequent violent



Technical Specifications

1Rated voltagekV12/17.524
2Rated frequencyHz50/60
3Rated currentA630, ……4000A
41min Power frequency withstand voltagekV4865
5Lightning impulse withstand voltagekV75/95125/150
6Rated short circuit breaking current (peak)kA50/63/80/100
7Rated active load and close circuit breaking currentA6350
8Rated short breaking currentkA20, …40
9Rated short circuit making current (peak)kA50/63/80/100
10Rated cable(line) charging breaking currentA50 and 10
11Rated capacitor bank switching currentA400
12Rated withstand current (peak)kA50/63/80/100
13Short time withstand current (4s)kA20, …40
14Mechanism lifetimes10000

Note: Short circuit breaking current and rated current is optional.

Advanced Techniques and Capabilities

The vacuum circuit breaker VD4-12(24) is the newest equipment in the voltage class of 12kV up to 24kV manufactured by Reinron Electric Co., Ltd. It is universally used in power distributing and transforming systems of power stations, power generators, and secondary substations of mines, industries and infrastructures.

It has complete type specifications

The rated voltage is 12kV, the rated current is up to 4000A and the rated short circuit breaking current is up to 50kA. The circuit-breaker is equipped with a modularized spring operating mechanism which has the characteristics of more convenient maintenance, rapid replacing of parts and more reliable performance.

It uses embedded poles that the vacuum interrupter with low resistance and the primary main electrical circuit are cast in insulating cylinders by epoxy resin.

This structure gives the breaker more reliable insulation.

The embedded poles of VD4-12(24) have the technique of ventilation and convection. Besides, the vacuum interrupter is with low resistance. All of these reduce the power consumption and the rising temperature due to the longtime running of circuit-breaker.

The vacuum circuit breaker has perfect performance when it is breaking short-circuit current or being operated frequently.

It has the functions of automatic reclosing and reliable operation.

The driving mechanisms are designed by professionals in Cooper Nature and with characteristics of reliable closing performance, low impact force and longer lifetime. The mechanical lifetime can be up to 30000 cycles. The mechanism’s entire surface is disposed with a special process and lubricities technique. Not only is the rust-resistance capability is improved but the operating performance is ensured. Hence, the vacuum circuit breaker is applicable to humid and hot regions. The circuit-breaker VD4-12(24) has been through the whole type test in accordance with the standards of GB and IEC.

Back View of VD4-12(24)



Innovative Product Design

Damper with Perfect Performance
Thanks to the refined damper with perfect performance and the new cam gear with curvilinear design, the contacts rebounding value during the breaker opening is reduced more and the breaker can be opened reliably. The bellows in the vacuum interrupter avoid being broken down due to contacts over bounding and the mechanical lifetime of operating mechanism is ensured.
Special Design of Repair Without Many Tools
During the design for VD4 vacuum circuit breaker, the installation and repair must be taken into account. For the disassembly of parts or accessories, users need no special tools and the repair becomes more convenient. All of the secondary controlling components are in the front of the operating mechanism, which makes it convenient to maintain and repair.
Modularized Operating Mechanism
Another feature of the VD4 is the modularized operating mechanism. It can be divided into the closing module, opening module, main axis module and secondary wiring module, which gives the mechanism characteristics of standard manufacture method, short producing period, convenient maintenance and rapid replacement. These modules are standard and applicable to all VD4 so the costs of facilities management and maintenance are reduced.
Self- lubricities Bearing Without Oil
Self-lubricities bearing without oil used for the VD4 vacuum circuit breaker is very applicable to over-load and low-speed conditions and avoids the lost-lubricities phenomena due to oil-lubricities bearing out of work for a long time. Accordingly, free-maintenance can be realized.
Conductors with Silvered Surface
All the conductors of the VD4 circuit-breaker are disposed by silvered process so not only does it reduce the contacting resistance but improves the electricity-conducting capacity of conductors. Thanks to the reduced resistance, the heat from circuit breaker running can be decreased and the breaker’s lifetime is lengthened.

Double closing spring device  

Single closing spring device

Self- lubricities bearing without oil

Conductors with silvered surface

Unique Embedded Poles
Through advanced APG process the vacuum interrupter with small volume and low resistance and the main electrical circuit are cast in an insulating cylinder by epoxy resin. This structure makes the primary electrical circuit isolated with the external environment. Compared with assembled poles, the accessories, conductor joints and fasteners of embedded poles are mostly reduced. All of that makes the assembly simple, avoids the loose fasteners due to vibration during transportation, and improves the product’s reliability. It also protects the external surface of vacuum interrupter from external mechanical impact and environment such as dust, humidity, corrosion or animals. Thanks to the epoxy resin, the poles’ center distance is reduced and accordingly, the overall dimension of the equipped switchgear is reduced.
Vacuum Interrupter with Small Volume and Low Resistance
The vacuum circuit breaker VD4 uses a vacuum interrupter with small volume, low resistance and high vacuum degree. When its reshaped contacts are breaking short-circuit current, lengthways there occurs a magnetic field that has characteristics of high breaking capability, small breaking current, low returning probability and rapid insulated recovery. The vacuum interrupter has a long lifetime. Thanks to the one-off sealing and exhausting process, the vacuum interrupter has advanced electric capability and mechanical capability. At the same time, its vacuum degree and other technical parameters all precede national and international standards.
Embedded Pole

Internal Structure of Vacuum Interrupter

The Breaking No. and Breaking Current of Vacuum Interrupter

Ordering Instructions
1.Following terms should be marked while ordering
Model of operating mechanism (opening closing coil voltage, trip coil voltage).
Provide the rated voltage specification if motorization operating is required.
For rated voltage and current and breaking current is optional. Please give specific data.
Other special requirements.

2. Documents with product from manufacturer
Certificate of qualification. Wiring diagrams, Installation drawings. Packing list.

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3.Standard delivery time:  3-5 weeks




abb VD4 Vacuum Circuit-breaker Product Manual


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