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Woodward 2301A controller 9905 series

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Introduction to WOODWARD governor performance
1. Woodward 2301A controller 9905 series is used for speed and load distribution control of generator sets driven by diesel engines, gasoline engines, steam turbines or gas engines. The 2310A LSSC controller can work in harsh environments. The controller shell is a metal shell, and the inside is a circuit board. All adjustable potentiometers are on the panel. The 2301A controller provides two operating modes: differential adjustment (Isoch.) And differential adjustment (Droop).
2. Woodward 2301D and 2301D-EC are based on microprocessor control, and their functions are the same as 2301A LSSC: load distribution and speed control. The 2301D-EC adds an external communication function (Modbus communication). The controller is placed on a metal backplane, which consists of a printed circuit board (PCB). The 2301D and 2301D-EC configuration parameters are configured through a computer equipped with Woodward Overview software. The software can be included with the controller when ordering or downloaded via the Internet homepage of Woodward. The computer is connected to the 2301D and 2301D-EC controllers through a 9-pin serial port plug (RS232 port).

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