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YOKOGAWA EJA110E Differential Pressure Transmitter

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YOKOGAWA EJA110E Differential Pressure Transmitter

The EJA-E series of transmitters is Yokogawa’s most recent evolution of the DPharp family of pressure transmitters. Released in 2012, it combines the ruggedness and success of the work-horse EJA-A series with the performance of the eja110e-ethoroughbred EJX-A series to deliver the type of product you have come to expect from Yokogawa.

The EJA110E is our standard traditional-mount differential pressure transmitter in this series.

EJA110E features include:

  • 0.055% Accuracy (0.04% Accuracy option)
  • 0.1% Stability for 7 years
  • Exida and TUV SIL 2 / SIL3 Certified
  • 90 msec Response Time
  • MWP 2,300 psi (MWP 3,600 psi option)
  • Local Parameter Setting (LPS)

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YOKOGAWA EJA110E Product Manual


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