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Oxygen concentration is widely measured for the sake of conserving energy, preventing air pollution, controlling quality, and so forth.
There are many types of oxygen analyzers which use various principles of measurement.
Zirconia oxygen analyzers, which can measure the oxygen concentration in high-temperature gases directly, are optimal for combustion management and control, etc. in combustion equipment and are used in many industries such as iron- and steelmaking, electric power, oil and petrochemicals, chemicals, ceramic, paper and pulp, and textiles.
The YOKOGAWA ZR22G/ZR402G Separate Type Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers have the following features:
• A general-purpose detector can directly measure gas of up to 700ºC. Moreover, when combined with the high-temperature probe adapter, it can measure gas of up to 1400ºC.
• For the Zirconia cell, which is a key component of zirconia oxygen analyzers, a zirconia element and platinum electrodes are molecularly bonded by a method developed by Yokogawa. Therefore, the zirconia sensor can deliver consistent measurements for a long period without the electrode being peeled off.
• The heater assembly used to heat up the zirconia cell is constructed so that it can be replaced in the field. Even if a wire in the heater breaks, the heater can be easily replaced in the field.
• The converter features a large liquid-crystal display that is easy to see and read.
• A high-resolution graphic display is available, and trend graph display of up to 150 min is possible.
• A touch panel is used for operations, allowing information to be easily read out and set up.
• Operations are performed interactively with the operation display, so the Instruction Manual is not needed in daily operations.
• During calibration, the sensor (cell) response time, internal resistance value, zero calibration factor, span collection factor, etc. are checked and the data are evaluated comprehensively. This allows the remaining life of the cell to be predicted.
• Two current outputs (4 – 20 mA) and four SPDT relay contact outputs are available. Measurement data, alarms, errors, etc. can be output.
This technical information document (TI 11M12A01-03E) is intended to help users understand and make the best use of these features of the ZR22G/ZR402G Separate Type Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers.
For descriptions of typical applications, see the following application edition of this technical information document:
YOKOGAWA ZR22G, ZR402G Separate Type Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers (Application Edition) (TI 11M12A01-01E)

Series Name: ZR22G Oxygen Analyzers
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