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Yokogawa pH/ORP Analyzers

The lineup of pH/ORP (redox) analyzers includes the PH450G 4-Wire pH/ORP Analyzer, the FLXA21, and the PH202 2-Wire pH/ORP Analyzers. The extensive lineup of standard Ryton pH/ORP sensors and specialty sensors for various applications. Various sensor holders are also available.

PH450G 4-Wire pH/ORP Analyzer
The innovative PH450G 4-Wire pH/ORP Analyzer has a touch screen and is a reliable instrument with high functionality. It is used in medium-scale wastewater treatment and general pH measurement control applications in various industries. It has four contact outputs that can be used for diagnostics, wash routines, and alarm or PID controls.

With its unique human machine interface, the PH450G can display process, diagnostic, trend, and log data, and has eight language options. User-friendly step-by-step calibration routines are also provided that help improve quality. A sensor diagnostic function is included as a standard feature to ensure reliable pH measurements by detecting sensor failures. In addition, HART communication over an output current signal is enabled.

FLXA21 Modular 2-Wire pH/ORP Analyzer

The FLXA21 is a next-generation modular liquid analyzer that can be flexibly configured to measure pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, inductive conductivity, or dissolved oxygen. The FLXA21 also supports the installation of up to two sensors of the same type, thereby reducing installation costs and saving space in addition to enabling the configuration of a highly reliable backup system.

It has reliable and advanced features and functions such as a touch screen for improved operability, sensor self-diagnosis, maintenance time estimation, and 12 language display options.

PH202G 2-Wire pH/ORP Analyzer
The PH202 pH/ORP Analyzer is designed for a 2-wire system configuration and is ideal for large-scale instrumentation. It can be used in hazardous areas and supports digital communications using the HART, Profibus-PA, or Fieldbus protocols.

The sensor diagnostics have been enhanced with the provision of an improved impedance check. Flexibility, low maintenance, and low installation costs are among the benefits of this analyzer. In addition to the sensor diagnostics, contact output for failure or wash can be used in combination with a dedicated distributor.


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Inquiry about Yokogawa pH/ORP Analyzers, Yokogawa pH Analyzers , Yokogawa Analyzers Items