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YOKOGAWA ZR402G Single Channel Oxygen Analyzer

YOKOGAWA ZR402G Separate Type Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

Yokogawa’s zirconia oxygen analyzers are used for combustion monitoring and control in a wide variety of applications and help industries to make considerable achievements in energy saving. The applications range from energy-consuming industries, such as iron and steel, electric power, oil and petrochemical, ceramics, pulp and paper, food, and textiles, to various combustion facilities, such as incinerators and small- and medium sized boilers. Combustion monitoring and control using the analyzer also contribute to a lowering of CO2, SOx, and NOx emissions by allowing for more complete combustion, thus preventing global warming and air pollution.

The ZR402G converter is equipped with an LCD touch screen which has various setting displays, a calibration display, oxygen concentration trend display, with easier operation and improvement of display functions. The converter is equipped with various standard functions such as measurement and calculation as well as maintenance functions including self-test. The ZR22G separate-type detector uses a high-reliability zirconia sensor, and its heater assembly can be replaced on site. The detector is mounted, for example, on the wall of a flue and can measure the gases directly.

Series Name: YOKOGAWA ZR402G
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Inquiry about this YOKOGAWA ZR402G Analyzer series items


Inquiry about YOKOGAWA ZR402G Analyzer Items

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